Our clients are extremely happy with our humidity filter performance and service. Read what they say below:
“I initially started using the Fridgrite humidity filters to control the amount of airborne bacteriums found in large walk-in chillers.

What i found after using the product for about 2-3 weeks was that initially the moisture content of my chiller was reduced and shelf life of product was increasing, proving that the bacteria count had obviously come down, ultimately saving me money.

To anyone looking at using this product i would thoroughly recommend trying it out.”Eugene Hamilton, Mr. Chef de Cuisine,Euro

“We have been using your Humidity Filter Service since April 9th 2006 in our newly built premises. Before this time we had used your product, but accurate record of their influence had not been kept to quantify their success.

After our move, we ran our fridges without your product and monitored their temperature fluctuations for a month. After having the filters put in, our walk in coolers and freezer have been maintaining their ideal temperatures much more effectively and also assisted us in minimizing the amount of time that the units are at their extremes. Our units ‘peak’ and return to ‘normal’ operating condition in about half the amount of time which we were used to. The only changes we can attribute this to, is the only change we have made, and that is the filter system you have installed.

Another added bonus of this system, is the reduction in condensation accumulating on the underside of items which have been wrapped in the fridges. The natural fluctuation of the temperatures in the fridge units cause condensation to form under wrapped products, and this leads to the deterioration of our food quicker, but with the filters absorbing moisture, this issue has decreased significantly prolonging both quality and shelf life.
We are very happy with your product and service Martin, and think you have improved one more link in our chain for creating outstanding food for outstanding functions.”Brendon Eddington, Head Chef, Austin's Food Design Event

“We have been using Fridgrae of Hawaii humidity filters here al New World Victoria Park
since 2002 arid are very pleased with the results.
Before we installed the filters we did a costlbenefd analysis in partlcular in the Butchery
chiller to measure the reduction in shrinkage due to moisture loss. We established that
even though the actual percentage loss overnight is small the actual finatlCial benefit of
reducing this number with the use of the filters more than paid for the filter cost.
We also analysed the temperatures in the chilled foods chiller on the computer
monitoring system and established that the temperature fluctuations reduced
substantially as did the peak temperature.
Benefits we have found are as follows:

  1. Less shrinkage in the butchery chiller and more manageable ice buildup
  2. Improved temperature range and temperature holding in the chilled foods chiller.
  3.  Adjoining freezer accessed through the chilled foods chiller has less icing.
  4. It can also be assumed that due to less icing and better temperature retention the refridgeration plant works less and there is some power saving to be had.

I am very happy with Fridgrite of Hawaii’s service and am happy to recommend their
filters to anyone considering using them.”Rob Mcgregor - New World

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