Sustain a Near Perfect Food Storage Environment

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Our filters are extremely effective at controlling humidity and condensation. Fridgrite of Hawaii will install and service the filters in your refrigeration unit on a monthly rental basis – no contracts!

  • Fresher food for longer – by up to 50%
  • Controls humidity and reduces condensation
  • Reduces airborne bacteria and ethylene gas
  • Reduces energy consumption by 10%

Fresher food for longer

Fridgrite humidity filters helps to control humidity and reduce condensation,keeping your food fresher for longer – by up to 50%!

  • Moisture levels of food maintained at an optimum level
  • Maximizes the retention of food tastes and appearances, less flavor contamination through moisture
  • Fridge temperatures not climbing so high
  • Reduces airborne bacteria & mould, & its growth
  • Reduces ethylene gas

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Reduce Your Refrigeration Costs

When the humidity is reduced by Fridgrite Humidity Filters, air passes through the refrigerator fans & exchange faster and easier, so the refrigerator becomes more efficient. The motor becomes quicker at reducing and controlling the temperatures.

  • Reduced motor running time – up to 50% – directly giving energy reduction
  • Controls humidity and reduces condensationReduced defrost cycles
  • Refrigeration equipment is cleaner, drier & fresher
  • Improves safety in the work environment

How Fridgrite Humidity Filters Work

Our filter panels contain a natural mineral which controls moisture to an optimum constant level of 85% humidity,
which is ideal for both the chiller and food.

Warm air floods in every time the chiller door opens and this creates condensation. Condensation increases bacteria, ethylene and odor levels which are transferable. Warm air condensates and requires excessive refrigeration and electricity consumption to chill. This results in the build up of moisture creating health hazards and reducing the efficiency of the refrigeration unit.

Too much humidity and produce will perish quicker. In general the dryer the environment the longer produce lasts. The environment can get too dry, fortunately the filters release moisture once they hit a certain absorption level thereby sustaining a near perfect food storage environment.

The filters are entirely organic, have no moving parts and use no power.

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fridgritSustain a Near Perfect Food Storage Environment